Metal baler Y83-100

Small metal baler with pressing capacity up to 100 Tons. Such model is used by small scrap collecting companies. Mainly this baler is used to bale beverage and food tin cans and other thin non-ferrous metal scrap, shavings and metal chips. However, it can be used also to recycle ferrous metal scrap.


Metal baler Y83-100

Pressing force – 100 Tons

Size of pressing chamber — 1000х600х500 mm;
Size of ready bale — 200х200х (200-300-400) mm;
Time of one cycle — 120 sec;
Power — 11.0 kWt;
Total capacity 1-1.2 Tons per hour;
Weight of the baler — 4,2 Tons.

Price – upon enquiry


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